4165 - Marchesini BA 100 automatic horizontal cartoner



Manufacturer: Marchesini

Model: BA 100

Rate: up 100 étuis / minute

Year: 1984

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Used Marchesini BA 100 intermittent motion horizontal cartoner

This machine is suitable for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and agri-food industries.

Horizontal automatic cartoner designed for bottles and equipped with

  • Recorder
  • Carrying Case
  • Introductory station for oval and rectangular bottles
  • Embossing encoder
  • Primary conveyor with maximum width 160 mm
  • Loading module with inlet screws which brings the bottle facing the tilting station
  • Toggle switch on the primary conveyor compartment

Technical specifications

  • Cartons of size 20 * 12 * 55 to 118 * 55 * 170 mm
  • Power Supply: 380V
  • Pressure: 6 bars
  • Consumption: 1 Kw
  • Overall dimensions: 2700 * 1650 * ht 1500 mm
  • Weight: 1000 Kg
  • Rate: up to 100 cartons / minute

Operating Details

Especially designed to meet the main applications for medium production rates. The machines are equipped with a bucket supply chain in which the products to be put in boxes are placed by means of dedicated feeders.

Operation is fully automatic. A sensor verifies the presence of the product in the bucket and calls for the corresponding case and folding (if necessary). The opening of the case is made by a traditional blade opening system which guarantees optimal operation with most types of cases. The change is simple and fast, assisted by millimetric scales.

The control panel of the Siemens operator interface shows all functions of the machine and displays the status of the machine as well as fault / alarm messages. The speed is set from the control panel and allows adjustment to the optimum production speed. The construction is completely mechanical to minimize maintenance.

Standard control and safety devices

  •     Minimum detectors for carton and leaflet
  •     Device for checking the presence of the record
  •     Control of the correct forming of the case
  •     Safety device for the stroller
  •     Mechanical overload on main motor
  •     Operator Interface
  •     Safety guards according to CE standards, with Schmersal micro switches

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