Used machinery for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries

Industrial equipment for production, packing and packaging

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  • Vacuum cleaner

    Second-hand industrial vacuum cleaner and dust collector

    Vacuum cleaner for powder and dust

    These vacuum cleaners make it possible to collect powders and dusts created during the production of tablets

  • Tablet machine

    Second-hand pharmaceutical tablet machines and presses

    Machine used to compress powder usually using 2 punches and a die

  • Capsule / tablet...

    Second-hand tablet / pill / capsules counting machines

    Machines for accurately counting the tablets or capsules introduced into your bottles

  • Stainless steel tank...

    Second-hand stainless steel tanks and melters

    Stainless steel enclosures for cosmetics or food

    Chocolate melters, perfume fabrication unit and others ...

  • Metal detector and...

    Second-hand metal detectors and checkweighers

    Material for quality control

    These machines are designed to ensure that your products do not contain metals and have an acceptable weight that meets the tolerances in effect

  • Weighing and dosing...

    New or second-hand weighing and dosing machines

    Weight and volumetric systems

    These machines allow to weigh with precision all types of products such as powders, granules, liquid products ...

  • Case packer

    Second-hand or used automatic case packers

    Automatic or semi-automatic case sealing machines

  • Bagging machine

    New or second-hand automatic and semi-automatic bagging machines

    Vertical, horizontal or flow-pack baggers

    Our machines cover all needs both in terms of type of bags and in terms of productivity

  • Labelling machine

    New or second-hand automatic or semi-automatic labelling machines

    Machines for labelling bottles and flasks of all kinds

  • Cartoning machine

    New or second-hand automatic cartoning and casing machines

    Machines allowing to put your products in cases or cartons to make easier transport and display

  • Shrink-wrapper

    New or second-hand wrapping and shrink-wrapping machines

    Machines for coating the product in a protective film

    Can also be used to batch the product (in the case of the shrinkwrapper) to facilitate transport, storage and presentation

  • Capsule filling machine

    New or second-hand automatic or semi-automatic capsule filling machines

    Machines used to fill capsules with powder, granules or tablets

  • Granulator, grinding...

    New or second-hand granulators, grinders and sieves


    Process by which a powder is transformed into grains or granules


    The passage of a solid product or suspension to the sieve to achieve the separation and possibly the particle size analysis of certain elements

  • Cooling and generating...

    Used industrial cold unit and generators

    Cold unit

    Device that cools a coolant for industrial applications

  • Production and...

    Complete lines for manufacturing and packaging

    New and second-hand industrial equipment for automatic and semi-automatic packaging and manufacturing

  • Thermal and ink jet...

    Thermal and ink jet transfer

  • Laboratory equipment

    New or second-hand laboratory equipment

    Laminar flow and other industrial equipment

  • Powder / cream mixer

    New and second-hand industrial mixers for cream and powder

    Machines that mix or homogenize one or more products

  • Palletizer

    New or second-hand palletizers

    Palletizer for bags or boxes

  • Pumps and filters

    New or second-hand pumps and filters

    Pumps and filters of all kinds

  • Filling machine

    Second-hand automatic or semi-automatic liquid filling and bottling machines

    Machines for filling bottles or flasks with all types of liquid products such as perfumes and other cosmetics

  • Bottle unscrambler

    New or second-hand bottle unscramblers

    Machines to place bottles and flasks in the proper position and then move to another machine

  • Robot

    second hand robot 

  • Bottle blower

    Second-hand or new industrial bottle blowing machines

    Machines that clean dust and particle from flasks

  • Turning table

    New or second-hand rotary distribution tables

    Motorized turntables to feed your conveyors

  • Conveyor belt and...

    New or second-hand belts, conveyors and elevators for caps or powder

    Conveying systems of all kinds for transporting products from one machine to the next

  • Thermoforming machine

    New or second-hand thermoforming and thermosealing machines

    Plastic thermoforming

    Technique which consists in softening a thermoplastic material such as polyethylene (PE) by heating it and then giving it the desired shape

  • Capping and crimping...

    New and second-hand capping and crimping machines

    Automatic or semi-automatic machines for capping bottles and flasks before packing

  • Filtration
  • 5133 - COUSEUSE
  • Etuves
  • Rechauffeur
  • Soudeuse
  • Bouchonneuse
  • Polisseuse
  • Tunnel de rétractation
  • Pièces détachées
  • Caisse-palette
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Showing 1 - 26 of 104 items