1907 - Stork Zalkin filling and crimping machine



Manufacturer: STORK

Year: 1999

Mechanical rate: 9000 bottles per hour

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Used Stork Zalkin liquid Filling and sealing machine

This machine was working with PET and glass bottles.

The machine is equipped with a crimping head but can be replaced by a screwing head.

Technical specifications

  • Small bottles of 2 to 10 cl
  • Cadence: 9000 bottles / hour
  • Capsule diameter: 18 mm
  • Vacuum filling at a pressure of -0.5 bar, the vacuum pump is supplied along the machine
  • Designed for bottles with a height between 70 and 150 mm and a diameter between 30 and 50 mm
  • The diameter of the filling heads is 75 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 2460 * 2038 * 2200 (+160) mm for the plug feed hopper

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