0196 - Rejves MRT-DS/360-2/ST capping and screwing machine




Model: MRT-DS/360-2/ST

Year: 2008

Rate: 60 bottles / minute

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Used Rejves MRT DS/360 - 2/ST automatic capping and screwing machine

This machine can be used by pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food industries.

This automatic capper is suitable for the application of pre-drilled caps

  • 1 Bottle transfer mat
  • 1 bottle separation screw
  • 1 central transport star
  • 4 screw heads
  • 1 output transfer star
  • 1 digital control panel
  • 1 complete documentation
  • 1 adjustable handle to adjust the speed of the capping machine 

Technical specifications

  • Application: pre-filled caps
  • Power supply: 380V - three-phases
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power: 4.5 Kw
  • Weight: 1200 Kg
  • Overall dimensions: 2900 * 1300 * 1600 h
  • Rate: about 60 bottles / minute depending on the type of caps

Operating details

The conditions for the operation of the automatic capping machine are:

  • Presence of caps on the horizontal feed channel with transfer system caps of the channel to the screw heads via the start PICK & PLACE 
  • The presence of the bottles on the conveyor belt

Cap feeding

The caps are fed via the horizontal feed channel and the PICK & PLACE star distributes the caps from the horizontal channel to the screw heads.

Only one photocell is located on the horizontal channel of caps: minimum loading photocell.

The operating principle of the photocells on the metering channel is as follows:

  • If the photocell placed on the horizontal channel is obscured, the machine is in normal operation.
  • If the photocell is exposed to light, this means that the cork channel is not correctly fed to the corker production.

In the case where the cap channel is not fed, two solutions are possible:

  • The operator manually loads the caps channel
  • If a cap feeder is installed, it can be connected to the photocell in order to make the charging completely automatic

Bottle feeding

The bottles are fed via the conveyor belt and the worm screw which serves to distance the bottles according to the pitch of the machine.

The bottles enter the machine through the worm screw, the starter, the central carousel and the star at the exit.

On the conveyor belt of the bottles are three photocells: minimum loading photocell, overflow photocell and bottle presence photocell.

The operating principle of the photocells on the conveyor belt is as follows:

  • If the minimum loading photocell is obscured (presence of bottles on the carpet), the machine will function normally
  • If the minimum loading photocell is exposed to light, this means that the conveyor belt is empty and the machine stops while waiting for the new bottles to arrive on the conveyor
  • If the overflow photocell is exposed to light, the automatic capping machine will operate normally
  • If the overflow photocell is obscured, this means that there is excessive accumulation of bottles on the mat and the machine stops automatically until the photocell is no longer obscured
  • If the bottle presence photocell is obscured, it raises the passage of the bottle and allows the cap to be unhooked on the PICK & PLACE star

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